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After Action Reports

Finished last minute packing, and headed on to Crockett, via TX-7, a good omen for the weekend. After arrival, and looking for a good place to camp, fell into the Lane family's camp area, and began setting up. After a bit, the Paynters arrived, followed closely by Mike Kientzle, his son and Tonya Gardner. We got all set up, and began to count folks, finding quite a good turnout for the 7th . Present for duty were:

Sgt Paynter, Trp. Lee, Trp. Glass, Trp Kientzle, Bobby and Frankie Wyatt, Along with, Trevor, Nathan, Byron and Stuart Lane, and in their company came Trp. Cooper.

Thus, we fielded 11 men, and 1 officer for duty. After quite a bit of hammering and sweating, Trp's Glass and Lee managed to excavate a fire pit from the bricks, known as the ground in those parts.That complete, we turned in for the night.

Woke early, and started the day. I had some breakfast, and went to officer's call.

After that, returned to camp, and had weapons inspection and roll call. During this assembly, I announced that Trevor Lane would be brevetted for the weekend to corporal. All weapons passed inspection, Good Job Guys!

Before lunch, we conducted drill, and executed quite a few maneuvers, it sure was good to knock some of the rust off. We returned to camp, and had some dinner. We also had the opportunity to celebrate Mrs. Lee's birthday, with Tim bringing out a battle flag decorated cake. It was really good! Shortly, we formed up and headed off to join our friends in the 11th and 15th cav.

The battle started with a wagon being ambushed by Federal Cavalry, and a rider galloping back to report. The Pyrotechnics were great for this battle, and the choreography was perfect. We formed up and marched out, leading the Confederate counter-attack. A little later, the other 2 companies came out, and we were relieved .

Then, the Federal dismounted pressed an attack, and we went back out to fight them. We fought them for quite a while taking heavy casualties. Our line slowly fell back, losing men the whole way. We were down to about 6 men in our section, facing superior numbers of Federal troopers. The 11th and 15th had been forced back into us, and we were in a defensive box-like formation. The Federals fired a volley, and I was hit, handing command to Sgt. Paynter. He , in rapid order was also hit, and in the loss of the command staff, our line began to falter. The 11th and 15th broke, and then a few of the 7th's men ran into camp as well. Trooper Kientzle rallied the men, but they were killed, only 1 escaping, by running away screaming. That ended the battle for Saturday.

After resurrecting, and marching back to camp, we executed the coward. Soon, we had supper, and got ready to go dance. Jenny and I had our first dance together in years. It was really fun, and I was proud to have my wife on my arm for the dance.

Woke up late, around 7:45 to the sounds of breakfast being cooked.

Went to Officer's call and did a weapons inspection, with only 1 problem, the weapon had been over-oiled. That's a good problem compared to fouling or rust, so Good job, guys! We lost 3 troopers overnight to the cold but were determined to fight on. After Church, we had a light dinner, and marched off to see what awaited us on the field. The fight started much the same way, but soon we were in line pushing the Fed cav. back. The 7th was detached to cover the far right, and we double quicked to fill in the gap. Once there, the artillery did it's job, and we attacked 2 batteries of Federal artillery, taking both. The dismounted Cav and armsners didnt want to lose their battery on my front, and the armsners charged us with rammers. We cut them down, only to be charged by the dismounted cavalry, with fierce hand-to hand combat breaking out. We finally subdued them, and the battle ended with a complete rout.

We returned to camp, and packed up, heading back to civilization.

Thus ended the 2005 Battle for Crockett Springs event.

Here is a Corinth After Action Report by Ron Paynter. Capt Keim

Our wagon left Ft. Worth Thursday at 5:30am for Duncanville to pick up Lt. Mark Hanna at his cabin by 6:30am. We headed out I-20, there we met Miss Paula Brock in her wagon an we continued east, for Corinth Miss. About 6:30pm we arrived in Corinth, there we added Bobby Wyatt & his mother Barbara. We continued for registration there we added Mr.&Mrs. Tim Lee. at this point we all found civilian camp, and proceeded to try and set up camp before dark. Around 8:00pm Sgt. Dean Bray arrived , troopers Eddie Glass and Chris (coyote) Brussell had arrived, The 7th Texas Cavalry was now complete.

On Friday morning around 7 am, the camp came alive with coffee brewing, bacon, sausage, and eggs cooking, courtesy of Mrs. Rebecca Paynter who awoke at 3 am to do so ! (Thank you my dear). At 9am, we had inspection of weapons and roll call with the 12th Texas dismounted cav. led by Capt. Randy Cohen and his 4 troopers. We coutered up by 11 am and headed for Confederate cavalry camp to meet Col.

Fallwood for order of battle. We re-supplied and by 2:30 pm headed out for our first engagement. We crossed a tree orchard to a barbed wire fence and crossed it to an open field. There we spotted union Cav. mounted and dismounted and engaged in a combat about 30 minutes, we pushed them down a road through thick forest there by telegraph polls we held union forces for almost an hour! Finally exhausted and down to our last few rounds the infantry arrived led by Mark Griffin commander of the Texas infantry div. HOORAH! an saved the day! Terry Texas Rangers led by Capt. Wilson dismounted and fought along side us, what a show, it was shame spectators didn't see this fight.

Had another cold night! Sat. morning woke up to the coffee brewing, fixing cooking for burrito's (courtesy of the Lady's). Around 8 am we cootered up and headed out for drill about a mile walk to an open field by battery Powell (Union Territory) after about 10 minutes the mounted Cav. was on their way to drill with us when they was jumped by the Union pickets, so we loaded and primed formed a skirmish line an proceeded to help our comrades in arms. Sgt. Bray went out to parlay with the union Col. after a brief period of time a truce was called no shot 's were fired by either side. we went back to camp got ready for the 3 pm battle of Corinth. Before we could leave we had got a message to Col.

Fallwood where to stage and when myself and another trooper (Richard) volunteered for the job we ate lunch and then cootered up an headed out for the cavalry camp site. As we walked down the free lane we saw union pickets and troops on both sides of the lane waiting for anybody to step out side the line to be taken prisoner, we arrived at Confederate camp we were stopped by pickets an asked for the password of course we didn't know one. The cpl. of the guard arrested me an let Richard go back to camp to let the others know of the problem and that i would return later.

I was marched to confederate HQ there I was given a choice to return to camp or wait for the Cols. return later, I chose later. About 20 or 30 mins. later I spotted Capt. Wilson of (Terry Texas Ranger) he came over and took me to the Col. personally worked out the problem and got a password (athens), after leaving the camp and going down the free lane I ran into the union Col. with a single picket standing right in the middle of the road i literally had to dodge him sideways as not to step out of the line an get captured, once past them the rest was down hill, as i turned down the fence line by town at the far end i saw my fellow comrades coming my way little did i know it was for my rescue HURRAY!!! We all returned to camp for a short rest Then we cootered up an marched off to staging area. We marched out of Confedrate camp an went about mile to the edge of the woods opening to a large open field there we waited to ambush union cav. one of our cav. drawed them in.

It worked an the fight was on for about 1 to 1 1/2 hours in the heat we pushed the back to the edge of the woods that's where the infantry took over. We cut a trail behind Capt. Cohen through the woods double quick to the right of the infantry there in the woods we lost Bobby Wyatt to heat exhaustion Sgt. Bray, Lt. Hanna an trooper Brussell stayed back an helped him i finally caught up with Capt.Cohen and to him we had a man down an only 5 men made it to the edge of the woods by then heat had set in on the Capt. also. When the final assault was made we sent only 4 men Corp. Lee, trooper Glass, (both 7th Texas) Sgt. Pooch, trooper Richard (Both 12th) the rest of us was spent! Because of the heat!!!!

Sunday after another fine breakfast Capt. Cohen gave full command to 1st Lt. Hanna an he did an awesome job, we cootered up and headed for confederate camp, once there we found out we had to fight in the same field third straight day! again we drove the union army too the edge of the woods by battery Robinett there we held till infantry support arrived. as we rested in the shallow woods an watched the battle for Robinett began watched with sadness as the Louisiana boy's charged three times, but failed to reach the battery walls! then I saw our beloved TEXAS boy's charge, on the third an final assault, I witnessed as so did my comrades did, our flag went up on top!, but came down way too quick. the Confederate army was decimated to almost nothing. We were ordered to protect the infantry's retreat in case of a union counter attack, but nothing happened, the fight was over an Corinth was left in union hands a terrible loss for the south.

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